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October Family Workshops $15/hr

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How much time should I book?

Each workshop is offered for 1 month and they fill REALLY fast. So if you see a time you want, we recommend booking asap. :)

Once you get in the studio and start creating you will see it is like a time warp! Time flies when you are having fun! As you would expect, it is really hard to know exactly how much time you will need. Every artist is different and often you may want to practice a bit before making your final piece.

But! You don’t have to complete the project in one sitting. In fact, some cannot be completed in one day. Often clay needs to be fired in the kiln before you can glaze (paint) your art. Each project has a recommended booking time and how many visits are required in the description.

Book as many days and times as you like. You have 1 month to finish each project. We will hold the project for up to 30 days from the first time you booked. After this time the step by steps and instructions will no longer be available.

*Projects must be picked up within 2 weeks after the 30-day booking period.

Adult participation required

Children aged 6-12 must come with an adult who is also registered in the workshop.  We do not have space for observers. The workshops are self-guided, children will need support from parents.  Maximum TWO children per registered adult, please.

How do I book for more than 2 people?

If your party is larger than 2, please book more seats using the quantity button. Please book the appropriate amount of seats for your party. If you have an odd number of people, you may have to add the bookings to your cart separately (once for the 2 for $20 deal, once for the solos).

For example, if you have 6 people in your group, please select "2 people—$20 per hour" and select 3 in the quantity button.

If in your group of 5, please select "2 people—$20 per hour" and select 2 in the quantity below (add to your cart). Then, come back to the page and select "1 person—$15 per hour" to book 1 more seat.

Please make sure to book the same date and time :)

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Terms & Agreements (Click to Expand)
  • Any children attending are at least the minimum age for the workshop (see in product descriptions below).
  • All children attending are accompanied by an adult who is also a paid participant.
  • Workshops are charged by the hour and that I see the amount of time estimates to complete. However the amount of time will fluctuate depending on the artist.
  • All projects are completed in studio and I cannot take materials home to complete.
  • I have read the workshop frequently asked questions and polices, as seen here.
  • I acknowledge the quantity box below is the number of stations I am booking.
  • The general pick-up timelines for artwork are as follows:
    - Clay - Ready in 5 days
    - Oven-Bake Ditto Clay - Ready in 2 days
    - Paintings - Ready in 2 days

October Workshop Choices

As we head into the heart of Autumn, it’s time to fall back into some cozier habits. With a focus on joy, togetherness, socializing, and feeling warmth through spending time at the studio creating these amazing projects.

In October there are so many reasons to get together at the studio. Celebrate autumn arriving by making beautiful Little Teacup Friends and Pumpkin Spice Paintings, make each other laugh while creating amazing handmade Pumpkin Spice Mugs and Pumpkin Bright sculptures or celebrate Halloween by creating fun mixed media Pour Lil Monster or an oven-bake clay spooky Witch Kitty!

*Workshops fill up fast! The October collections are only available for the month of October so register quick! 

Autumn Celebration Collection

Autumn means it’s officially time to get cozy and celebrate with one of these cozy activities at the studio! Explore using clay to sculpt a mug or get messy and paint a gorgeous pumpkin inspired painting.

Recommended time: building 1.5–2.5 hours + glazing 1-2 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

Teatime just got a whole lot cuter and spookier! In this clay workshop, you will get to sculpt a teacup out of stoneware clay and then add a spooky little friend—a ghost, black cat, or pumpkin inside. You can then book a second session to add colour using underglaze and glaze to make it shiny. We will fire it in the kiln once more, and voila! It's yours to take home.

Recommended time: 2–3 hours
Sessions required: 1 or more

Celebrate autumn with this Pumpkin Spice inspired mixed media painting using acrylics and metallic pens on canvas.

Halloween Collection

Are you ready for a spooky story?

It was a dark, stormy night in October...but the studio was bright and fun as artists sculpted their very own Halloween-inspired Pumpkin Bright Tealights made of stoneware clay and beautiful Pumpkin Spice Mugs. Sounds like a spooktacular way to spend quality time with friends & family!

Recommended time: building 1.5–2.5 hours + glazing 1-2 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

Create a Norman Rockwell inspired sculpture using stoneware clay! Start by sculpting and shaping your clay and then book a second session to glaze your pumpkin using professional underglazes!

Recommended time: building 1.5–2.5 hours + sgraffito (underglaze) 1 hour

Sessions required: 2 or more

Pumpkin Spice Season has arrived! In this sgraffito designed clay mug workshop, learn how to shape a beautiful pumpkin spice stoneware mug and decorate with graphic. Book a second session to sgraffito (underglaze).

How To Make A Monster Collection

How? Use your imagination! Create and design this Witch Kitty out of Ditto oven-bake clay or become a mixed media pro and get creative making a Pour Lil Monster out of paper and other fun materials!

Recommended time: painting 1–1.5 hours + pouring 1 hour
Sessions required: 2

In this mixed media workshop, get crafty and learn how to make this super cool monster project! Experiment with so many different mediums–Ditto oven-bake clay, liquid vitreous and acrylic paint!

Recommended time: sculpting colossal version 2-3 hours/small version 1 hour
Sessions required: colossal 1-2 / small 1

In this oven-bake clay workshop, you will get to create a colossal witch kitty with little mouse friends! Learn how to sculpt and create your masterpiece out of our Ditto oven-bake clay! Project also available in a smaller size.

Shorties Collection

Looking for a shorter workshop?

The shortie workshops usually take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete and can be completed in one sitting!

Recommended time: sculpting 1 hour
Sessions required: 1

Get inspired by Halloween and learn how to create these adorable spooky scenes! Using our Ditto oven-bake clay, you'll get to sculpt up to 3 different scenes and add your spookiest and cutest details.

Recommended time: sculpting 1-1.5 hours
Sessions required: 1

Join us in the studio to create these amazing Halloween-inspired cutie baby pets! You'll get to use our Ditto oven-bake clay and learn how to make a rat, cat, owl, bat, snake and dog!

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