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September Adult Workshops $15/hr

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How much time should I book?

Each workshop is offered for 1 month and they fill REALLY fast. So if you see a time you want, we recommend booking asap. :)

Once you get in the studio and start creating you will see it is like a time warp! Time flies when you are having fun! As you would expect, it is really hard to know exactly how much time you will need. Every artist is different and often you may want to practice a bit before making your final piece.

But! You don’t have to complete the project in one sitting. In fact, some cannot be completed in one day. Often clay needs to be fired in the kiln before you can glaze (paint) your art. Each project has a recommended booking time and how many visits are required in the description.

Book as many days and times as you like. You have 1 month to finish each project. We will hold the project for up to 30 days from the first time you booked. After this time the step by steps and instructions will no longer be available.

*Projects must be picked up within 2 weeks after the 30-day booking period.

How do I book for more than 2 people?

If your party is larger than 2, please book more seats using the quantity button. Please book the appropriate amount of seats for your party. If you have an odd number of people, you may have to add the bookings to your cart separately (once for the 2 for $20 deal, once for the solos).

For example, if you have 6 people in your group, please select "2 people—$20 per hour" and select 3 in the quantity button.

If in your group of 5, please select "2 people—$20 per hour" and select 2 in the quantity below (add to your cart). Then, come back to the page and select "1 person—$15 per hour" to book 1 more seat.

Please make sure to book the same date and time :)

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Terms & Agreements (Click to Expand)
  • I understand all participants must be at least 15 years old to attend this workshop
  • Workshops are charged by the hour and that I see the amount of time estimates to complete. However the amount of time will fluctuate depending on the artist.
  • All projects are completed in studio and I cannot take materials home to complete.
  • I have read the workshop frequently asked questions and polices, as seen here.
  • I acknowledge the quantity box below is the number of stations I am booking.
  • The general pick-up timelines for artwork are as follows:
    - Clay - Ready in 5 days
    - Oven-Bake Ditto Clay - Ready in 2 days
    - Paintings - Ready in 2 days

September Workshop Choices

Quality time socializing with close friends and loved ones is a cozy idea that makes the Autumn season such a wonderful time of the year. September in the studio features three perfectly autumn project collections: Cozy Collection, Woodland Collection & Cat Collection.

*Workshops fill up fast! The September collections are only available for the month of September so register quick!

Woodland Collection

Woodlands include everything from pine cones, acorns, tree bark, mushrooms and moss to all styles of furry and feathered creatures. This September we offer two amazingly lovely & cozy projects in this Woodland Collection.

Recommended time: building 2–3 hours + glazing 1-2 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

In this clay workshop, you’ll get to learn all of the amazing techniques to create your very own, adorable fox vase! Using stoneware clay, you will get to build your vase and then book a second session to paint your vase using underglaze paints and glaze it to make it shiny! We’ll fire it in our kiln then 7 days later it’s yours to take home.

Recommended time: building 1.5–2.5 hours + glazing 1-1.5 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

Join us this September for our Raccoon Cup Workshop! Meet with friends and have fun while learning hand-building to create this incredibly cute raccoon / trash panda cup !

Cozy Collection

Autumn means it’s officially time to get cozy and celebrate with one of these cozy activities at the studio!

Recommended time: sculpting 1.5–3 hours
Sessions required: 1 or more

Join the tiny home revolution! Enjoy spending some time at the studio creating this beautiful little Autumn Cottage tealight lantern from Ditto Oven-Bake Clay. This tiny house will look so lovely and cozy on your desk, window sill or nightstand.

Recommended time: building 1.5–2 hours + glazing 1 hour
Sessions required: 2 or more

These stoneware clay Hug in a Bowls are an Autumn season must-have. Perfect for serving comfort foods that warm the heart. And what is more comforting than a warming bowl of soup when the weather begins to change? There is something deeply satisfying about cooking or heating up a batch of soup. Right up there along with enjoying a loaf of crusty bread. 🙂 So good for the soul!

Cat Collection

In celebration of our namesakes four legged feline friends, this September choose to create a pretty cool cat lantern or an amazingly adorable acrylic kitten painting!

Recommended painting time 2–3 hours

We call this our Lil Pumpkin painting inspired by this adorable little kitten's fuzzy orange fur. Follow along with our step by step instructions and learn how to create this purr-fectly adorable kitten painting!

Recommended time: building 1.5–3 hours* + glazing 1-1.5 hours*
Sessions required: 2 or more
*depending on size

Join us in creating this beautiful Pretty Cool Cat Lantern from stoneware clay and professional underglazes.

Shorties Collection

Looking for a shorter workshop?

Be inspired by the amazing golden artist Klimt and his wonderful litter of cats or choose to create your favourite woodland creatures. The shortie workshops usually take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete and can be completed in one sitting!

Recommended time: sculpting 1 hour
Sessions required: 1

Be inspired by the golden artist Gustav Klimt & his eclectic patterns, golden shimmer, Art Nouveau style and love of cats! (just like us!)

Recommended time: sculpting 1 hour
Sessions required: 1

What's your favourite woodland creature? Now imagine it as a handmade, cute, lovely little sculpture to sit on your desk, window sill or wherever! That is what you will do in this wonderful oven-bake clay workshop!

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